Lebron James:Billionaire Athlete?

Lebron James Lives Up to His Nickname “King James”

Lebron James

One of the most popular sports in America is the wonderful game of basketball. The National Basketball Association, also known as the NBA, is the professional league of basketball where countless men earn millions of dollars. Unless you have been living under a moldy rock on the east side Compton´s west swamp, then you have heard of Lebron James. Lebron, often times called “King James” or “The Chosen One” has lived up to his incredible hype and has delivered to become one of the top NBA players today. The crazy thing is that Lebron was first exposed to the national spotlight as a sophomore in high school and hasn´t once cracked under the pressure. Now at the tender age of twenty three, Lebron has already lead his team to their first NBA Finals birth in their franchise history and has claimed many records such as the youngest player to record a triple double, record fifty points in a game, and make it on the All NBA Team. With all this success, you would imagine that Lebron makes some huge dollar figures to compensate for his incredible talent.

If you assume Lebron James is one of the richest celebrities on the beautiful face of Planet Earth, you would be assuming correctly. Even before Lebron played his first NBA game, Nike inked him to a ninety million dollar contract. In addition to his Nike contract, Lebron has other sponsors in Sprite, Powerade, Bubbilicious, and Upper Deck. Lebron has been quoted saying that he wants to be the first billionaire athlete in the entire world and become a global icon. Lebron is already a global icon and is well on his way to becoming the first billionaire athlete.

If Lebron played baseball and was as talented as he is in basketball, he would demand Alex Rodriguez figures if not more. This basically means that Lebron would be making over twenty five million a year just from his contract. Too bad basketball has a salary cap and Lebron is only getting paid less than half that a year. Regardless, Lebron took home over twenty seven million dollars last year an has been busy spending ever since.

Once Lebron made it to the NBA, he bought every one on his high school basketball team a brand spanking new car. He recently treated himself to a thirty five thousand square foot home just outside of Cleveland which includes a bowling alley, a barbershop, and casino. The weird thing about this home is that he didn´t include a basketball court. Go figure huh? Lebron has plenty of money to spend on anything he would ever so desire.

3 Responses to “Lebron James:Billionaire Athlete?”

  1. orlinda Anderson says:

    I just love Lebron, I think that he is the number one athlete in basket ball today. He has (like my son would say) that SWAG about him. He shows great teamanship and he is so much an unselfish player. His attitude is superb and I love watching him play ball. I know that his parents has to be very proud of him. I am even proud of him and I am no kin nor am I his parents. To have such a gifted talent in basketball and not being bigheaded about tells me a lot about this guy. There are a lot of players needs to follow Lebron’s your way of life and the care that he have for the others players being involved in the game when played. May GOD bless you and you will always be in my prayers. You see good people do win in the end and you are one of them. Continue to be you and don’t ever change because you will go a long way with your attitude and your thoughts of beliefs. Again, MAY GOD ALWAYS BLESS YOU AND YOUR FAMILY

  2. Tad Royster says:

    I too agree with the previous blog as well as the article. LeBron James has transcended many lines and is certainly not “just” an athlete. He is and will continue to be a great success in the game of basketball. However, as someone very financially successful myself, with a great understanding (i.e. running enterprises and not being famous) of creating wealth, I hate to say that LeBron James (nor any other athlete for that matter) will be becoming a billionaire any time soon. I think that at last assessment by forbes LeBron was pulling in just under 30 million a year from his salary and endorsements, a number that is certainly a large one, and will ensure financial security for him and his family for their lives if they are smart, but that amount of yearly money does not creat billionaires. Billionaires are the people who write LeBron’s checks. The owner of the Cavaliers is a billionaire. The owner of Nike is a billionaire. The biggest difference is that while LeBron is himself a brand, he does not own the brand. The owner of Nike may pay him big bucks to wear their shoes, but he does not own Nike. The Cavs pay him a great salary to wear their uniform and bring in fans, but he does not own the Cavs. Many celebrities and athletes have tried to start delving into the sports ownership world. I think one of the most publicized was Jay-Z with the Nets. I remember reading an article about Jay Z buys Nets. Ha. Do you know the percentage he owns? 1.47%. And think of players like Michael Jordan. Perhaps the greatest athlete (for his sport) of all time, and certainly one of the most marketed. In his recent divorce a few years ago, his net worth was published. And what was the greatest athlete worth? About 340 million. People I think have a hard time understanding how much a billion dollars is. The only way I could see LeBron making it is to not be buying cars for all of his friends and keeping the “bling” to a minimum. But then again, if you are young and have it why not enjoy it? Hate to break it to you LeBron..I am a huge fan, and will continue to watch and support..but a billion..aint happenin. Success and nothing less.

  3. patrick says:

    i think that guy is cool if he keep his head on right he will go far